Hi! I'm Ari. I'm 23 years old, and I love to travel. In high school and college, I worked for a luxury travel concierge, where I learned the value of points and miles. Shortly after that, I began accumulating miles of my own that I would eventually redeem for business and first-class travel worldwide, including Korea, Singapore, France, Spain, and many more destinations across the globe! After a couple of years of a rigorous, in-depth involvement, I decided to take my knowledge to the world and create a business out of it. Welcome to Miles For Smiles.

I use my vast knowledge of points and credit card rewards strategies to help people fly in premium cabins and pay a fraction of the cost they otherwise would for an equivalent economy seat. I can do this through the incredible offers made available by credit card sign on bonuses, referrals, and maximizing beneficial spend. To date, my clients have accumulated a total of over 20 million miles. Now it’s your turn.

Stop paying for economy class when you can fly business class for less! So join me with a glass of champagne at the front of the plane by email, text message, or phone call for more information.

[email protected]

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